WWG North XV 2016 – Scores Released

The final scores for WWG North XV 2016 are below.

Patrol ID Group Name Patrol Name Final Score
SCOC08 1st Albion Park Albion Park 1 332.5
SCOA15 1st Bungendore Albus Bungledore 317.8
SCOC14 1st Jerrabomberra Scout Troop Jerra Won Too 250.2
SCOC04 1st Thirroul Sam Squad 245.7
SCOC09 1st South Penrith The Shrunken Heads 221.9
SCOA05 1st Austinmer Scout Troop Austmented 215.8
SCOB03 1st West Wollongong Scout Troop Hufflepuffs 193.7
SCOC12 1st West Wollongong Scout Troop Gryffindors 193.0
SCOA11 1st Keiraville Scout Group Snow Leopards 190.3
SCOB14 Unanderra Scout Troop Scorpions 188.8
SCOB09 1st Jerrabomberra Scout Troop Jerra Won 188.1
SCOB10 1st Bateman s Bay Scouts The Wizards of Godric’s Hollow 174.4
SCOB08 1st Keiraville Scout Group Red Pandas 167.4
SCOB02 1st Jamberoo Inferi Phantoms 165.8
SCOC13 1st Albion Park Albion Park 2 165.8
SCOB05 Southwell Scout Troop Southwell Dingoes 165.5
SCOA07 Southwell Scout Troop Southwell Koalas 161.0
SCOC11 1st Braidwood The Marauders 155.9
SCOA03 1st Cambridge Park Cambo Kidz 143.6
SCOB06 1st Thirroul Young Guns 140.5
SCOB11 1st Dapto 1st Dapto 139.2
SCOC05 1st South Penrith Gryffindor 126.4
SCOB07 Southwell Scout Troop Southwell Penguins 122.5
SCOA10 1st Warilla Exploding Snap 118.5
SCOA14 1st South Penrith Dumbledore s Army 107.5
SCOA01 Mt St Thomas Eagles 105.9
SCOB15 Dapto Scout Group You Are A Wizard Harry 104.6
SCOC10 2nd Queanbeyan Scout Troop Dingle Doinks 95.9
SCOA08 Dapto Scout Group Snapes on a Plane 92.0
SCOB12 Dapto Scout Group Daptoids 75.4

Game Guide – “Demented”

In order to assist Scouts in having a sound understanding of the event, we have created a “Game Guide”. The guide should be read by all attending Scouts prior to the event. Copies of this guide will NOT be provided at the event. Scouts may choose to bring their own copy if they desire. The guide is linked at the bottom of this post.

Wand Requirement

A Wizard (or Witch) cannot be a Wizard (or Witch) without having a wand. Therefore, it is important that every Wizard or Witch (aka Scout) brings a wand that suits the following rules:

  1. A wand must not be larger than 12mm in diameter, or 300mm in length,
  2. Wands are to be made from timber only (metal rods are for lightning, not magic),
  3. Each wand must be named/marked with the maker’s initials and Troop.

Wands may be lost, confiscated, or broken during the course of normal school activities, however the committee will endeavour to ensure that wands are reunited with their lost wizards.