Are you a Rover Crew in need of a Service Activity? A Leader interested in getting your Scouts to test their Scouting and Bushcraft skills against other Patrols? Perhaps you are interested in finding a new format for your region’s annual competition camp? Or do you just need an excuse to get the kids out into the bush for a weekend?

The long term goal of the WWG project is to establish WWG events in other regions – and then to get the best Patrols from each event to compete in a WWG held by another region. Repeat this process, stir well, and you get an inter-region competition with Scouts coming into contact with new people and places, and finding out just how good their scouting skills REALLY are.

(And yes, we’re aware this is ambitious for an idea generated by a Rover Crew.)

If you’re intrigued by the idea, contact the organisers¬†and ask for more information. We can give you:

  • Advice on “How to run a WWG”, containing concepts¬†and scoring ideas for several games.
  • Activity and Base ideas
  • Feedback and “test results”