WWG North XIV Report

Weekend Wide Game XIV – November 2014
STAR WARS – The Sith Unleashed
22-23rd November 2014, Cataract Scout Park


Unfortunately, WWG North 2014’s game report was unable to be created. Below are scores to this event.


Game Tag Group Name Patrol Name Score
SCOD02 1st Jamberoo Scout Troop The Yoda-lers 421.15
SCOD07 1st West Wollongong Scout Troop Gungans 405.71
SCOC11 1st Keiraville Scout Troop Albatross 293.31
SCOB11 1st West Wollongong Scout Troop Jawas 288.63
SCOD09 1st Mt St Thomas eagles 286.43
SCOC14 1st Bulli Scout Troop Bulli One 271.27
SCOB05 1st Bungendore The Executors 259.76
SCOC09 Dapto P4 252.7
SCOC07 1st West Wollongong Scout Troop Wookies 224
SCOC04 1st Mt St Thomas scorpions 217.23
SCOD04 1st Figtree Scout Troop Dingos 205
SCOD01 1st Keiraville Scout Troop Hawk 201.59
SCOB08 1st Keiraville Scout Troop Lyrebird 192.54
SCOC05 1st Austinmer Scout Troop Magpie 187.15
SCOB01 Brookvale Curl Curl Seals 183.1
SCOC12 1st South Penrith Yodas Younglings 167.22
SCOB07 1st South Penrith Vadas Vengeance 153.78
SCOD10 1st South Penrith Wookie Warriors 146.89
SCOD03 Dapto P2 126.72
SCOB04 1st Keiraville Scout Troop Rosella 117.2
SCOD08 1st Warilla Sugar Plum Princesses 2 108.69
SCOB09 1st Bulli Scout Troop Bulli Two 101.97
SCOC06 Southwell Scout Troop Southwell 62.06
SCOA03 1st Warilla Sugar Plum Princesses 1 60.23
SCOC10 1st Balgownie Scout Troop 1st Balgownie 55.96
SCOB13 1st South Penrith Jar Jars Rebels 46.78
SCOC02 Dapto P3 43.19
SCOB12 1st Russell Vale Pink Panthers 39.94
SCOA04 Brookvale Curl Curl Rude Patrol 26.21
SCOD05 1st Thirroul Scout Troop Thirroul 2 22.13
SCOB03 2nd Queanbeyan Scout Troop 2nd Queanbeyan 13.45
SCOD06 Dapto P1 -2.29
SCOC13 1st Dapto 1st Dapto -4.73
SCOC08 1st Figtree Scout Troop Eagles -20.27
SCOA01 1st Thirroul Scout Troop Thirroul 1 -31.73
SCOD11 1st Bungendore Rogue Squadron -98.88
SCOB10 1st Cambridge Park Cambo Kidz -114.24

The South Coast & Tablelands Weekend Wide Game Committee would once again like to extend a heartfelt ‘thanks’┬áto all the Venturers, Rovers & Leaders who assisted throughout the weekend. An additional thank you to our Caterers’ Allan Goodger, Matthew Riley & Illaroo Venturer Unit, as well as our First Aider Colin Thompson – your assistance is highly appreciative.

Yours in Scouting,

Ben Nichols
WWG Committee