WWG South III Report

WWG South III - Outbreak Badge

Weekend Wide Game South III – May 2011
14-15th May 2011, Potato Point


The Human Body is a miraculous thing. A wonder of engineering, design, and capacity, there is no invention of man that even resembles the Human Body in its absolute genius or function.

It was perhaps a pity then, that the Scouts and Guides attending WWG South III were instead playing the part of the various vile and disgusting invaders attempt to infect an unfortunate host. Pitted against the best efforts of modern medicine and the body’s supply of antibodies, the invading Patrols were given the mission of claiming as much of the body as possible.

The entire WWG playing area became the unfortunate body playing host to a catalogue of mundane and exotic diseases – with bases representing the various organs: Heart, Brain, Appendix, Lungs, Kidneys and the Lymphatic System. Venturers, Rovers and Leaders played the parts of Antibodies and Medicine, both working to neutralise the invaders.

Patrols were classified into three types of disease: Bacteria (weakest and most numerous), Viruses (group hunters), and Pathogens (top-rank deadly diseases). Each disease type was then responsible for “infecting” as many bases as possible, holding off the body’s defenders, and hunting (or evading) other diseases.

The Patrols were kept busy with activities such as “sneezing” with bottle-bazookas, trying to rupture the Appendix with NERF® guns, attempting to drain “Blood” from the Heart, and working to scramble the host’s neural pathways. All in all, it was mildly disgusting (yet educational) weekend.
In a new twist for WWG, Venturers were given a scoring game role as antibodies, using pocket barcode scanners to record diseases they encountered and defeated. Competing amongst themselves to earn the title of “most cruel”, they were also able to wrest control of the various bases from the diseases.

At the end of the game, Faction members were ranked within their groups, with the top two Patrols from each faction becoming finalists. All finalists were then ranked on common scoring areas to determine an overall winner. In a first for WWG, our guests from the North Nowra / Huskisson Girl Guides (The Husky Scallops) were declared the winners! The WWG team hopes this will encourage greater Scout motivation next time around…

Faction Rankings:


Placing Troop Patrol
1 1st Huskisson Huski Hotshots
2 1st St Georges Basin Feral Dragons
3 1st Merimbula Scouts Merimbula 1
4 2nd Queanbeyan Scouts Dubber Ruckies
5 Central Oak Flats Infectiods
6 1st Batemans Bay Dolphin
7 1st Narooma Narooma 1
8 1st Illaroo / Culburra Doenose
9 1st Warilla Coffin Sneeze
10 1st Bungendore Scouts Plutoniums
11 1st Cobargo Cobargoins
12 1st Illaroo / Culburra Doodles


Placing Troop Patrol
1 North Nowra / Huskisson Guides Husky Scallops
2 1st Bungendore Scouts Kryptonights
3 1st Batemans Bay Scorpions
4 Central Oak Flats Scrubs
5 1st Warilla Helicobacter
6 1st Bomaderry Small Pox
7 Bodalla Tuross Lost and Dead


Placing Troop Patrol
1 North Nowra / Huskisson Guides Gangrene Guides
2 Bodalla Tuross Black Opps
3 1st Cobargo Brogo Bombers

Finalist Scores and Rankings:

Points Troop Patrol
1285 North Nowra / Huskisson Guides Husky Scallops
1235 1st St Georges Basin Feral Dragons
752 1st Bungendore Scouts Kryptonights
742 North Nowra / Huskisson Guides Gangrene Guides
564 1st Huskisson Huski Hotshots
561 Bodalla Tuross Black Opps

The “Cured” Wooden Spoon award went to Bodalla/Tuross “Lost and Dead”, the only troop to accumulate a negative point total.

Once again, the Rovers of the South Coast and Tablelands wish to extend their thanks to the Venturers and Leaders who contributed their time and effort to the success of WWG South III.

We hope to see you all again next year!

Andrew Clark
SC&T WWG Committee