Tick Advice

We’d like to provide some advice for attendees for tick control. Please see below.

Ticks are bloodsucking, external parasites that are often encountered by people during activities in the Australian bush. If visiting such an area, light coloured clothing should be worn, as ticks will be much easier to detect. Trousers should be tucked into socks and shirts into pants. An insect repellent containing DEET or Picaridin should be applied, with a cream repellent applied to the skin and a spray repellent to footwear and clothing (note that DEET can damage some synthetic clothing). The repellent should be reapplied every few hours.

Source: http://medent.usyd.edu.au/fact/ticks.htm

If an attendee has found a tick that is attached to their body, head to First Aid who will remove the tick with sterile equipment. Do NOT attempt to remove a tick by yourself.