WWG South VII – 2015 :: General Update

The Chieftains of the Bashem Oik and Hairy Hooligan tribes have issued their first challenge! Each team of prospective Dragon Owners must first locate and catch a Dragon before attending the training session. As Dragons are a collection of ill-formed and ugly beasts, we will not be looking to closely at pedigree or pureness of form. However, to be eligible for training, a Dragon must be able to comfortably perch on their owner’s shoulder – and should be resistant to tearing, water, and mud!

Translation: Each Patrol is required to bring a “Dragon” to train during the weekend. This can take any shape, but must be inanimate (no small animals please!), small enough to fit on the PL’s shoulder, and light enough to be carried all weekend without difficulty. “Dragons” will be exposed to rough handling, water, and other normal camp hazards. We recommend avoiding the use of special childhood treasures. Extra points will be given to Patrols that come up with creative or unique beasts to serve as their “Dragon”!