Daily Archives: 25 April, 2014

Registering for WWG Events

SC&T Region Scouts have recently moved Region based event registrations to a new Event Management System. Parts of this project are still under development, however the event registration module is currently online. Only one registration per Troop, Unit or Group is required – DO NOT register each person individually. To complete a registration, please follow the steps provided below:

Prior to using EMS

  1. Send out E1s and Information packs to members.
  2. Collect completed E1s and money a week prior to registration closing.

Members with an Existing EMS Login

  1. Go to http://ems.sctscouts.org.au/.
  2. Click the ‘LOGIN’ link in the top right hand corner.
  3. Enter your email and password.
  4. Follow ‘Generic Instructions’.

Members WITHOUT an Existing EMS Login

  1. Go to http://ems.sctscouts.org.au/.
  2. Click the ‘Create an account‘ on the home page.
  3. Fill in all your personal details, along with your account details.
  4. Click Submit when finished – If any errors occur, rectify these errors then re-submit.
  5. Follow ‘Generic Instructions’.


  1. Once logged in (follow instructions above), click the corresponding WWG event menu link.
  2. Read the NOTES section before completing any details.
  3. All Scouts must register as the Patrols they will be part of during the event. Click ‘ADD PATROL’ for each Patrol attending. Fill in the details requested.
  4. All Venturers, Rovers, Leaders & Helpers are to register as SERVICE LEADERS. Click ‘ADD SERVICE LEADER’ for each Venturer, Rover, Leader or Helper attending. Fill in the details requested.
  5. Click Submit when all Patrols & Service Leaders have been added.
  6. If any errors occur, be sure to rectify these issues and resubmit. A successful registration will present a Registration Receipt. Print this and follow instructions as provided on this receipt.
  7. Transfer funds via EFT as per the invoice (or include Cheque in the following step).
  8. Send E1s and receipt of registration to the WWG PO Box (stated on the receipt and EMS).